Spyware Remover Software

Spyware Remover SoftwareHere are the steps to follow to clean your computer: Just download, install and run the following spyware remover software. Clean your PC as instructed by each app, except for the last one.

This guide will take you step by step, to totally clean your pc up from any spyware, adware, virus or any other malware problems. Let's get started.

HiJack This is an extremely useful and powerful tool, and generally has been reserved for power users only. We are hesitant to list it here, as you can easily destroy your software installation if you don't know what you're doing. However, it is great for generating a log file which a power user can help you read to determine what may be going on with your system.

First Step :
Backup your system if possible in case you lose data. Download, install and scan with the fully featured StopZilla. This will likely be all you need. However, if you still have an issue, move on to the next step.

Step Two :
Now download and run SuperAntiSpyware. Update the software and its definitions, and run a full scan. Have the app clean up anything it finds. If your PC still has problems, move on and keep downloading.

Step Three :
Download Malwarebytes AntiMalware. Fully update the software and perform a quick scan. If you fix everything or it finds nothing and you still have problems, run a full system scan. Then after cleanup move on to AVG if necessary.

Step Four :
Download AVG Anti Virus and install it. This may take some time as it's the largest download/application of the bunch here. It also takes the longest to scan. But if you made it this far in this little tutorial and you're still having problems, you need to install and run it.

Final Step :
Only complete this step if you have done all of the above steps and your problem has not been repaired. Now, proceed with caution on this step. You are only going to generate a logfile with the final program. *** DO NOT REPAIR WITH HIJACK THIS *** Generate a logfile only! Download HiJack This and run it. Just download the executable, it doesn't need to be installed. Press the scan button and wait on the app to finish. When it is done, click on the save log button. Save the .txt file in a location where you can find it later. Do not check any boxes, do not click on the fix checked button. If you do, your PC is at your mercy and the resulting carnage is yours alone.

Then join this spyware forum and follow their rules. Read the pinned threads and follow their instructions to post your problem, and your actions and your log file. Follow the instructions they give you, and follow them well. Once complete you should have a totally cleaned PC, secure and working.