MalwareBytes Anti Malware

MalwareBytes Anti Malware
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MalwareBytes AntiMalware is another product that has found great success primarily by word of mouth. This product is highly successful at what it does, and the product's authoring company seems to be an all-business affair of getting down to removing garbage from PCs and that's it. No muss, no fuss, just a great app.

Program Features
Anti Malware has a super fast scan speed, which really helps find those problems when you're in a hurry. The database of threats is updated daily, so you can feel secure running an updated copy of this gem. This is one of the more user friendly pieces of software, which makes it a great choice for those who are new to computing, or just don't have a lot of experience with them.

Protection Abilities
You can scan all drives attached to your computer, and you can quarantine problems for later removal if you don't have time to complete the procedure when initially found. A protection module is available for registered users, to give that extra coverage.

Additional Capabilities
Manual removal functions are available, which will please power users, as well as command line functions for the ultimate geek in you. You can add options to the ignore list for known false positives or safe zones. Windows integration to right-click scan files and directories.

Software Updates and Support
The software updates are maintained daily, and easily downloaded through the application interface. You can get support via email, which integrates with their support ticketing system. Turn around time for support is generally expected to be one business day. Also, support forums are available.

Anti Malware Download