Spyware Remover Headlines

Former security intern admits developing super-stealthy Android spyware

A former intern at security firm FireEye has admitted in federal court that he designed a malicious software tool that allowed attackers to take control of other Android phones so they could spy on their owners. Morgan Culbertson, 20, pleaded guilty to federal charges involving Dendroid, a software tool that provided everything needed to develop highly stealthy apps that among other things took pictures using the phone's camera, recorded audio and video, downloaded photos, and recorded calls.

Malvertising Headache Swells to Migraine Proportions

Cybercrooks increasingly are spreading their poison through malicious ads. Consumers are the most direct victims, as the simple act of clicking on a malicious ad -- or in some cases, simply going to a frequently visited site -- is enough to infect their computers and files.

Firefox to Adopt Chrome Add-Ons Format

Today we are announcing some major upcoming changes to Firefox add-ons. Our add-on ecosystem has evolved through incremental, organic growth over the years, but there are some modernizations to Firefox that require some foundational changes to support: - Taking advantage of new technologies like Electrolysis and Servo - Protecting users from spyware and adware - Shortening the time it takes to review add-ons... Key topics of the long post include... - Introduction of a WebExtensions API - Multi-process Firefox and Add-ons - Signing - Deprecation of XUL, XPCOM, and the permissive add-on model ...and an overview of moving forward... Mozilla is clearly aware of the tradeoffs that the changes will entail.

Pa. college student guilty in 'Darkode' smartphone spyware case

Carnegie Mellon University student Morgan Culbertson, 20, of Churchill, Pa., has plead guilty to a conspiracy charge in the Darkode.com smartphone spyware case. He now faces up to 10 years in prison under the federal court plea.

Protect Yourself From Ashley Madison 'Ripple Effect'

According to Canadian Police, there's a new type of cheater emerging from the Ashley Madison hack, which they called "the largest data breach in the world," and they're preying on people looking to find out who's on the list. Last month's hack and subsequent exposure of millions of people on Toronto-based Avid Life Media's Ashley Madison affairs website is spawning more criminals who are luring people into giving information in order to find names of people they know in the data dump.

Cyphort Labs Issues Special Report on the Rise in Malvertising Cyber Attacks

Cyphort , a pioneer of Advanced Threat Defense solutions, today released a special report ' The Rise of Malvertising, ' that looks into the practices used by cyber criminals to inject malicious advertisements into legitimate online advertising networks. Cyphort researchers found that malvertising campaigns carried out by hackers increased 325 percent in the past year.