Spyware Remover Headlines

Shields up on potentially unwanted applications in your enterprise

Has your enterprise environment been bogged down by a sneaky browser-modifier which tricked you into installing adware from a seemingly harmless software bundle? Then you might have already experienced what a potentially unwanted application can do. for enterprise users in Windows can spot and stop PUA in its tracks.

DataMotion Declares Cyber Monday as 'Safe Internet Shopping Awareness Day'

2015 is expected to be similar and cyber criminals are already prepared to begin exploiting unsuspecting deal hunters with scams, fraudulent websites and malware. With that in mind, the secure data delivery and email encryption experts at DataMotion have declared Cyber Monday 2015 as the inaugural "Safe Internet Shopping Awareness Day" in hopes of raising awareness among consumers and businesses to be safer when shopping online this, and every, holiday season.

a a Does prevalence matter? A different approach to traditional antimalware test scoring

Most well-known antimalware tests today focus on broad-spectrum malware. In other words, tests include malware that is somewhat indiscriminate , at least somewhat prevalent and sometimes very prevalent.

Adware uses Android's accessibility features to install malware

There's an adware out there which uses features for the visually impaired to install malicious apps on an Android-powered device. The worst part is that it doesn't use a vulnerability in the system, but instead abuses a service's legitimate features.

And then there were two: Another dangerous Dell root certificate discovered

The plot thickens: After Dell confirmed that one of its support tools installed a dangerous self-signed root certificate and private key on computers, users discovered a similar certificate deployed by a different Dell tool. The second certificate is called DSDTestProvider and is installed by an application called DSD .

Keep It Cool: Making the Mac Malware-Free

The Apple Macintosh has always been perceived as a 'cool' machine. The design, the user-friendly features, the whole cachet contributes to that impression.