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Spyware Remover
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Stopzilla is a very popular spyware remover, and has achieved editors' choice awards from C/Net and Laptop Magazine as well as many 5 star ratings from popular download sites. This is where you should start.

Stopzilla removes spyware, adware, popups and just about any general kind of malware, including rootkits, BHOs (browser helper objects) trojans, rogue ads, and many others.

Protection Offered
This software offers realtime protection to prevent infections in addition to general spyware removal. Just scan and remove, and continue to let the application monitor your system to keep you clean and secure.

Additional Features
A tremendously capable popup-blocker is also included, to stop those annoying popup ads while you surf and browse the Internet. Stopzilla is able to determine which popups are ads, and which are actual legitimate site functions such as login screens. This software blocks regular web popups as well as spyware popups, to give you the ability to remove the offending applications.

Support and Updates
The software is updated often, usually daily, to keep up with the regularly found new threats and exploits floating around the web. All updates are free. Customer support is also free, and is available through chat, e-mail, online help and even toll free phone calls.

Stopzilla Download