AVG Anti Virus

AVG Anti Virus
AVG Anti Virus
AVG Anti Virus has been around for quite a few years, and is well known. They have constantly updated their product and it has just gotten better over the years. It is a pretty large application, but includes quite a bit of funtionality for your protection. AVG have won numerous awards over the years for their top quality virus protection, and this is actually the most downloaded piece of software at CNET's Download.com.

Application Feature Set
This software is more of an all-around protection application. It handles virus problems from email as well as your typical spyware threats and problems. Also available is the AVG Internet Security suite package which includes everything but the kitchen sink for Internet protection. There are so many tools and options here, you can almost get lost in them.

Protection Capability
Scan your entire PC, check your registry and even know how safe links are on the search engine pages when you search with link scanner. The additional optional packages also protect you while visiting and surfing social networking sites like facebook and myspace.

Additional Functions
In addition to the search engine and social network proection mentioned above, AVG also brings protection to file download, file sharing and even chat. They have just about all common Internet activities covered with the full package.

Updates and Software Support
Updates are regularly available and current with every day's problems and threats. Support is offered through a faq and extensive knowledge base. You can also email questions for help.

AVG AntiVirus